I built a private testnet with reference to https://github.com/moneroexamples/private-testnet. When I used monero-utils-desirialize to check the public tx key, I noticed that the displayed tx content was different from the print_block command of monerod.

First, in monerod

print_tx f7356602a1b6e3efaf66d3ef96cc797384b03de8e8447c57457e52935da8c0b1
Found in blockchain at height 760
print_block 760

Then the following tx information was output.

print_block command in monerod

Second, using the output of

print_tx f7356602a1b6e3efaf66d3ef96cc797384b03de8e8447c57457e52935da8c0b1 +hex

I executed monero-utils-deserialize. Then the following was output.

enter image description here

I found that the extra pub key was what I wanted. However, I was worried that the contents of tx were different between print_block and monero-utils-deserialize.

Why is there a difference between the two?

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A block is not a transaction. Obviously, if you print different things, you will get different results. This should not come as a surprise.

A block may contain more than one transaction (in addition to the coinbase transaction). It appears you are comparing the block's coinbase transaction to the transactiou you had the txid for. These things are also different, and will give you different results.

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