5 months ago, it was possible to see my balances on my gui wallet but at the moment I cannot see the balance of my wallet, which hopefully 5,0 XMR in it. I2ve managed to synchronize Daemon. It is written on the down-left of the screen that Daemon is synchronized (194....) and it is written also Network Status (connected) synchronizing wallet but it is not synchronizing. What can I do? I download V0.14.1.0( Qt.5.9.7) GUI version. Finished Daemon synch.I opened it also on Ledger Nano S-via Ledger Live (there are two version which are Version 1.3.1 and Version 1.3.2. ) tried both version. but I couldn't see mu bak-lance on my gui wallet. Please help!

  • What do you mean exactly with not being able to see the balance? Also, did you export the private view key? – dEBRUYNE Oct 17 '19 at 15:53

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