please may someone help me ?

I made the download of the monero files from the official website and the I run them one by one. Exactly i opened before the monerod and the i create a wallet for Ledger nano s on the GUI. Now i tried to move 0.0099 XMR for the firstime on my wallet and all was fine.

A few minutes later i sent another transaction but this took much time to be on the GUI. In effects there were problem of syncronization that i solved.

Now i have questions about cli wallet:

Why my cli wallet shows 0 .0000 Balance ? I think because my cli wallet ( with one account that i create on the prompt of comands the first time you start it ) has different wallet restore height. is this correct ? How may i change this value and set that one which is on the Gui wallet ?

Did i made a mistake creating a cli wallet with a ledger ?

How to solve this problem of 0.000 balance on Cli wallet ?

How to use RCP wallet ?

Thanks a lot


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