I have already looked at these questions / answers: Question1, Question2, Answer, and now have the following understanding about Monero wallets, accounts and addresses:

  • We can create wallet which generates a .keys file and has a wallet address, wallet password, wallet menmonic.
  • We can create account with/without a label which generates one address for that account and account_index.
  • We can create subaddresses using create address, which requires account_index and it will generate an address and address_index.

I still have some confusion about:

  1. Is the account index automatically generated with wallet generation?
  2. How is the wallet related to an account and how is an account related to address/subaddress?

I have already read all the documents regarding this I can find.

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  1. Yes. A wallet starts life with one account (account index 0), which has one address (your primary wallet address).

  2. A wallet has one or more accounts and accounts have one or more addresses.

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