Playing around with multisig subaddresses, I found we can create as many subaddresses as we want in any "account". I can have several accounts with several subaddresses for each account, that's pretty amazing and congratulations to the Monero Dev team by giving us these features.

When I want to search for a specific subaddress payment, what is the command, using the monero-wallet-cli, to check the amount received to that subaddress?

I tried with balance_per_subaddress or balance_all and neither worked. I ran the help command and it doesn't list any balance related commands other than balance [detail].

Thank you

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The command balance detail will show your balance for each address in your current account.

The command account will show you the balance in each account.

The command account switch N, where N is the number/index of an account, will switch to that account. You can then use the command balance detail per above to show the balance of each address in that account.

The command show_transfers is what you use to identify specific transactions. For example, to see all incoming transactions to subaddress index 3 of the current account, run show_transfers in index=3.

There is detailed help on all the commands by running help [command]. E.g. help show_transfers.


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