I downloaded official website's monero-gui-win-x64-v0.14.0.0\monero-gui-v0.14.0.0

on this wallet,

i clicked to find receive address to send monero coins(xmr).

so on this wallet i saw receive address was already there.

It was a primary address start with "4"

so i clicked "create new address" and created a new address start with "8"

so i sent my monero to new address that i created which is start with "8" (from another computer : this was successful. perfect! )

and my computer was frozen for 2min.

I decided to force to shut and restart computer by my "finger force" pushing button!

and when i came back to window and ran the program and

"new address was disappeared!"


like ghost vasnished nothing to find so i clicked new address again and it created like normal ! so i exit and came back to make sure !

and it was there!

so i think my forzen computer blow away the new address that i created

but i already sent to that disappeared address

how to solve this problem?

(i know i do have seed and keys for this "account" -> what to do with this?(new address is gone!)

My new address disappeared so it doesn't seem to me that it connected with wallet. so it won't be appear in my account with my new address.

so what can i do with this?

*and i do have exact address on my note (i always make note or screen shot to make sure) i do have everything but where did that new address go? and will it be on my account? or do i have secret key to make this coin to move around? how to save this coin? )

  • Maybe you could provide some more information, like what software you used, and version of software.. – Mogens TrasherDK Jun 29 '19 at 8:13

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