I want to open my Monero testnet wallet via a php script using a remote node but it's returning: "Method not found".

Here is the code I am using:

$hostname = 'node.xmr.to';
$port     = '28081';
$daemonRPC          = new \MoneroIntegrations\MoneroPhp\daemonRPC($hostname, $port);
$getblockcount      = $daemonRPC->getblockcount();
$on_getblockhash    = $daemonRPC->on_getblockhash(42069);
$getlastblockheader = $daemonRPC->getlastblockheader();
$get_info           = $daemonRPC->get_info();

$walletRPC     = new \MoneroIntegrations\MoneroPhp\walletRPC($hostname, $port);
$open_wallet   = $walletRPC->open_wallet('<wallet name>','<wallet password>');

Also I am trying to get unique deposit address for my Monero wallet.

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The wallet RPC and daemon RPC are different. Refer to the projects documentation on how to run both wallet and daemon RPCs.

The node you reference at node.xmr.to is a daemon RPC, not a wallet RPC, therefore you cannot use it for any of the wallet commands, only daemon commands.

To use a wallet RPC (like you are trying to do from php), you have to run this wallet RPC yourself (e.g. the app monero-wallet-rpc, again mentioned in the monerophp documentation). Note, the wallet RPC still needs to connect to a daemon (monerod), for which you can specify a remote daemon if you are not running your own local full node.

For the wallet RPC to use a remote daemon, you launch passing the parameter --daemon-address. E.g.

./monero-wallet-rpc --help
--daemon-address arg                  Use daemon instance at <host>:<port>

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