Good morning, yesterday following step by step following guide posted by moderator dEBRUYNE and arriving to this point:

Still not seeing your funds? It might be that a small part of your blockchain is corrupted and it's, coincidentally, the part that contained your transaction. Perform these steps:

Go to the Settings page of the GUI.

Go to the Node tab.

Switch the wallet mode to Remote node

In the address box enter node.moneroworld.com

In the port box enter 18089

Click in another empty box on the page to ensure your settings are properly saved.

Again browse to the directory your wallet files are located (Documents\Monero\ on Windows | home//Monero/ on Linux | Users//Monero/ Mac OS X).

Rename (the file without extension) to -old2

Restart the GUI. This will trigger a wallet refresh from scratch, which shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes.

Once it states Connected (in the left bottom) you should see your funds.

I have seen for first time my XMR balance. VERY HAPPY. Today starting ledger nano S and the GUI MONERO and then daemon manually (because it doesn't start automatically) the problem is the same: Look at this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1i-uCs24_FJUnOo6xZLXPIn_uR4Sp8JtY I following step by step your guide but this time I don't try view my XMR balance. Moreover I have always connection problems between Ledger nano S and GUI MONERO. Often GUI MONERO or LEDGER or both of them crash, and there is no other solution than forcerfully close GUI MONERO and disconnect power supply to Ledger. Furthrmore if I answer NO to ledger answer asking me if I want or not export private keys the sysmet always crash. I must aswer YES to ledger in order to can continue using token and GUI MONERO client. Now, following several attempts to solve the problem I have create 5 wallets and I don't remenber which of 5 contains XMR amount. If you need other info in order to help me let me just say. Thanks in advance for your help.

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