I'd like to know if somebody has a current update on the development status of Kovri. As far as I know Anonimal (the lead dev of Kovri) is currently trying to push Sekreta as an alternative for Kovri.

I really liked the idea of Kovri as a lightweight C++ implementation for I2P. Are there any statements that the community is still committed to finishing Kovri or any reliable information about the dev status? I couldn't get much info about this from their gitlab page.


Kovri is dead (no one is continuing it). However, there are two other projects that have taken over Monero+i2p ambitions: i2p-zero and tini2p

There is also now i2p support merged into the Monero master code and will be in the upcoming point release. Details on the new flags are in ANONYMITY_NETWORKS. Once released, you can immediately make use of i2p-zero and Monero (or if you build master, you can make use of this now).

There is no relationship between Sekreta and Monero currently. Not least because nobody appears to be actually working on Sekreta, which is currently little more than an idea. And Sekreta is not an alternative to an i2p implementation.

  • Thanks a lot for the detailed answer! So according to one of your links Tor will also be integrated. Nice. Also tini2p looks really interesting. – NeonSkies May 22 at 6:51

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