• I set up a static DHCP reservation for my node.
  • I enabled uPNP and port mapping.
    • and I set an ACL to allow 18080 192.168.node.ip/32 18080.
  • I even set an outbound NAT static port for the IP, in case that would matter.
  • I am not double NAT'ed.

I still can't get outgoing connections. Thoughts?

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If uPNP won't cooperate, you can create a port forwarding rule (in Firewall > NAT > Port Forward) for the WAN interface that directs a destination of port 18080 to port 18080 of the internal IP of your node. This will have the effect of also creating a firewall rule on the WAN interface that allows the traffic arriving at port 18080 to pass through to the internal host/IP of the node.

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