I have an application and I want to connect it to my Monero wallet. I can use curl to access the wallet using --digest but my app can't use curl. I am using jsonrpc in Ruby and I can make the call to the wallet successfully but there is an authentication issue because the wallet uses digest. Is there a way to disable digest in the monero-wallet-rpc? If not is there anyone who knows how to use digest in jsonrpc? I will post the my code if anyone wants to see it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Ruby's standard net library doesn't appear to have digest authentication support. However, there is a gem which adds digest support and there are several HTTP client libraries (e.g. HTTPClient and many others) that also add support.

You can of course disable login altogether on the monero-wallet-rpc by passing the --disable-rpc-login at startup, though I would only recommend disabling login if you are not exposing the RPC externally (so only listening localhost) and the machine it is running on is sufficiently secured.

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