How many languages will the official GUI support at launch?

Were the translations done with help from native speakers or by Transifex?


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7 mnemonic seed languages will be available for the GUI:

  +List of available languages for your wallet's seed:
    +0 : English
    +1 : Spanish
    +2 : German
    +3 : Italian
    +4 : Portuguese
    +5 : Russian
    +6 : Japanese

11 wallet "locales" are supported with 5 different languages:

+        <language display_name="US English" locale="en_US" wallet_language="English" flag="/lang/flags/usa.png" qs="none"/>
+        <language display_name="UK English" locale="en_GB" wallet_language="English" flag="/lang/flags/uk.png" qs="none"/>
+        <language display_name="Russia"     locale="ru_RU" wallet_language="Russian" flag="/lang/flags/russia.png" qs="none"/>
+        <language display_name="RPA"        locale="en_SA" wallet_language="English" flag="/lang/flags/rpa.png" qs="none"/>
+        <language display_name="Palestine"  locale="ar_PS" wallet_language="English" flag="/lang/flags/palestine.png" qs="none"/>
+        <language display_name="India"      locale="hi_IN" wallet_language="English" flag="/lang/flags/india.png" qs="none"/>
+        <language display_name="Italy"      locale="it_IT" wallet_language="Italian" flag="/lang/flags/italy.png" qs="none"/>
+        <language display_name="German"     locale="de_DE" wallet_language="German"  flag="/lang/flags/german.png" qs="none"/>
+        <language display_name="China"      locale="zh_CN" wallet_language="English" flag="/lang/flags/china.png" qs="none"/>
+        <language display_name="Brazil"     locale="pt_BR" wallet_language="Portuguese" flag="/lang/flags/brazil.png" qs="none"/>
+        <language display_name="Bangladesh" locale="en_US" wallet_language="English" flag="/lang/flags/bangladesh.png" qs="none"/>

Translations will be automatic with the support of QML which relies on the internationalization capabilities provided by Qt on which the new Monero GUI is being built.


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