I can't get monero out of my wallet, It looks like it was old dust accumulated, but it sums out to 8xmr, then I added more fresh monero but now I cant get it out, I've tried sweep unmixable and sweep all in both cli and gui with no luck, always return some other error, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  • What is your wallet balance? How many outputs do you have? – jtgrassie Apr 18 '19 at 17:37
  • What version is your wallet................? – landude Apr 19 '19 at 17:37
  • I've tried Boron Butterfly and Boron Butterfly, Minor Point Release 0.2 – mobck Apr 19 '19 at 21:09
  • It said not enough outputs, this is the same problem I had before: monero.stackexchange.com/questions/8286/… – mobck Apr 19 '19 at 21:14
  • I didn't ask what error you got, I asked: "What is your wallet balance? How many outputs do you have?". From the monero-wallet-cli you can run the respective commands balance and incoming_transfers available to get this info. – jtgrassie Apr 20 '19 at 1:07

Actually making smaller transfers fix it, I had 20.9 xmr total and started by making 5.2xmr transfers, then the cli itself break it in 3 or 4 even smaller payments with fees each, but it all when tru at the end, Thank You all for your help!

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