I would like to check the network use of my Monero node (daemon). I would like to see the average upload and download speeds, and I would like to see the total amount of data (eg: in MB, GB, TB) that has been transferred. How can I do this easily?

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This is possible with the 0.14.1 (April 2019) update. rbrunner created new code that allows users to see global traffic stats.

While monerod (the node software) is running, you can type the following command in the terminal:


This will display information on how much data was transferred and the average upload and download speeds, among other useful network connectivity information. Here is an example output:

Received 7354450 bytes (7.01 MB) in 4682 packets, average 1.39 kB/s = 0.02% of the limit of 8.00 MB/s
Sent 49976456 bytes (47.66 MB) in 4705 packets, average 9.47 kB/s = 0.46% of the limit of 2.00 MB/s
  • You can also use the existing command print_cn which gives you Recv/Sent (inactive,sec) per connected peer.
    – jtgrassie
    Apr 1, 2019 at 16:34

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