I'm not very experienced with Python and I'm pretty sure this is just a syntax issue.

I'm trying to use the monerod daemon RPC /get_transactions method from here.

I have no problem getting the examples here to work and this (non-json) RPC call works fine as well:

import requests
import json
def main():
    response = requests.post("http://localhost:18081/getheight")
if __name__ == "__main__":

However, whenever I try to use /get_transactions like this:

    transactionList = ["d6e48158472848e6687173a91ae6eebfa3e1d778e65252ee99d7515d63090408"]
    PARAMS = {'txs_hashes' : transactionList ,
              'decode_as_json' : True}
    myTransactions = requests.post("http://localhost:18081/get_transactions", params = PARAMS)

It always returns an error such as:

<Response [404]>

I'm pretty sure I'm just passing it the parameters incorrectly but I've tried a bunch of different permutations and checked the requests documentation and still can't get it to work.


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You are so very close.

Just change params = PARAMS to json = PARAMS and it will work.

From the requests documentation:

Using the json parameter in the request will change the Content-Type in the header to application/json.

And to get the response text, use:


Or to get the response as a json object:


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