I have a VPS and would like to run a public node and get it indexed by moneroworld to help the network.

I made the necessary changes to monerod.conf to change the port to 18089 and to restrict things to keep people from mining on my system. But whenever I use monerod to check the status, it keeps trying to connect to port 18081. See screenshot below.


My node is currently running ( and I can connect to it directly using wallets on different systems just fine. But I keep getting the above error when running monerod status.

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The default config file location is actually in ~/.bitmonero/bitmonero.conf, so if you are using another location, you need to start the daemon with --config-file /etc/monerod.conf in your case.

Or if your domain is, as you say, already running on the port 18089, to run the status command you would need to:

monerod status --rpc-bind-port 18089

  • When I created a service definition for monerod.service, I included the path to the config file: ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/monerod --config-file /etc/monerod.conf --detach --pidfile /run/monero/monerod.pid Running monerod status --rpc-bind-port 18089 worked for me. Thank you! Jan 12, 2019 at 20:05

I configured my monero node following this guide https://www.coincashew.com/coins/overview-xmr/guide-or-how-to-run-a-full-node and there also is recommended to use port 18089 But after that I could see that this is not the default port (18081) So why to change from 18081 to 18089 ??? Regards.

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