Apart from profitability, for the Monero network it doesn't make a big difference if you solo-mine or not.

This answer to Is it better to mine Monero on solo mining or joining a mining pool? suggested to me a new question: which is the best way for a single user to help the Monero network?

Running a full Monero network node?

Doing solo mining? Pool mining?

Or something different.

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There are many ways to help the Monero both directly and indirectly.

  • Run a full node to directly support the network

  • Donate to the Monero Forum Funding System

  • Join a Monero workgroup for mining, support, or any others

  • Participate in many of the Monero forums, such as here on the Stackexchange, on Reddit, Quora, etc

  • Learn as much about Monero as you can so you can help others

  • Join a local cryptocurrency/Monero meetup or start your own

  • Contribute to the Monero Ecosystem project

  • Run as a solo miner or join a small pool to help decententralization aspects

You could additionally set up a mining rig, to both equalize on profits and make your hashpower of larger significance.


Running a full node with both in and outbound connections on the p2p ports.

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