I am currently using getMonero Wallet service to create a recorder of my account withdrawal and deposit history program. The language and the environment are not yet defined. I would like to record the deposit to my wallet and I want to distinguish each payment by paymentID. My research on the web shows that we can use the "show_transfers" command to get a list of all past history. However, in such cases, it is difficult to call each time because there are also duplicate details of past deposit or withdrawal events. Is there a way to view or record only new deposits by date? If so, which API should I use and how can I get it in the same string as the string data type?

Q1 : how to get an event signal (like a Windows API event handler) on every deposit or withdrawal?

Q2 : how to get record on each event (deposit or withdrawal)?


To monitor a wallets activity you can make use of the monero-wallet-rpc program which exposes a JSON RPC interface. Once you have this running, you'll want to call the get_transfers method as documented here.

Currently there is no notification system so you will simply need to poll requests to this at a frequency that meets your requirements and check for changes since you last called the method.

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  • I see.. I was searching for a event driven wallet activity monitor. I have to make it my own event monitor. thank you for your kindness answer! – Kyle Kang Dec 7 '18 at 3:46
  • Note that a notification mechanism is now merged into master so will be in next release, but nothing wrong with polling (and may be preferred anyway). – jtgrassie Dec 7 '18 at 4:33

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