I have just created a new wallet using my Ledger Nano S, all went fine.

I then closed the new wallet in order to open my original wallet so I could transfer the funds over to my new wallet. Again, fine.

I now though, cannot seem to work out how to switch back to my new ledger wallet.

On opening the Monero GUI I am asked to provide my password for my old Wallet. If I click cancel, and choose "open a wallet from file" I am only shown the .keys file of my old wallet.

Where can I find the .keys for my new Ledger wallet?

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Wow, I'm dumb.

If anyone else out there is having this problem (Switching between Monero Wallets)

Want to unlock a different Wallet? Follow these steps:

  1. Open Monero GUI
  2. Click cancel instead of entering password.
  3. Choose Language
  4. Click "Open a wallet from file"
  5. File Explorer window opens (Windows)
  6. Choose the Destination where keys are saved (Default: This PC> Documents> Monero> Wallets)
  7. Open desired Wallet folder
  8. Select .keys file
  9. Press Open
  10. Enter Password

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