I want to make my daemon accessible to anyone, is there an additional command besides this?



are there other additions that I have to use? the example of the daemon I run on my vm with the address 12.325.25.3


To allow inbound connections to the daemon p2p and the RPC (assuming default ports are used), you would need:


And ensure your firewall allows inbound connections on ports 18080 and 18081.

If you are behind a router, that would also need configuring to forward traffic on those ports to your machine running the daemon.

Note, you may also want to add the login option for the RPC:

--rpc-login arg                       Specify username[:password] required 
                                      for RPC server

And if you want to allow javascript access:

--rpc-access-control-origins arg      Specify a comma separated list of 
                                      origins to allow cross origin resource 

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