Monero utilizes many of the same concepts as Bitcoin but has a code-base that looks vastly different. CryptoNote and Monero introduces a lot of new terms that may not be familiar to all Bitcoin users

Is there a comprehensive list of most common Monero terms with there associated definitions?

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There are several lists, each of which is community generated and a work in progress. Since Monero technology continues to evolve, there will always be a need to add additional terms, and in some cases depreciate old ones that are no longer used.

This stack has a list of Monero tags that is continually user updated with new and improved definitions

Moneropedia on the official Monero website has many important definitions but is in need of more. Community members are encouraged to build upon the current Moneropedia list.

The Monero and CryptoNote wikipedia pages are also helpful community generated resources for learning the meaning of Monero terminology.

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    Note that if you own or are otherwise invested in Monero, and you edit wikipedia page, you'll need to declare the conflict of interest (; you'll be allowed to edit, but your edits will be watched more closely for bias). Aug 13, 2016 at 14:50

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