I've read that you can delete and restore the monerujo app without affecting the wallet data, I never tried it as I'm afraid of losing access to my wallets.

When you setup your initial and load your own monero private key and not a seed, it throws you a crazypass passphrase that it tells you to remember. I didn't write this down. Do I need this to restore my wallet? Or do i just remember my password?

You can just change your password, so it generates a new Crazypass which you will write down this time.
IIRC your password will not be enough to recover your wallet file.

If you are removing Manerujo from your phone, first view and write down the mnemonic seed. When you reinstall the app, recover wallet from the seed.


You should be backing up your password and seed or keys anyway. Then just try with a test wallet to verify before using with your real wallet.

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