Lets imagen for a second that I have an idea for a really unique coin and not just a clone ...

If I created this coin to have an average new block-time of 1 day would it need to give more coins for a reward (than average / quicker block-time coins) to be worth mining?

(imagen if the value of the coin was the same value as another popular coin) ...

Would miners have to hash at the same power as they would for any other (quicker block-time) coin but, instead, have to spend all day to achieve the same results?

What is the benefit from longer interval blocks (besides shorter chain length) from having the difficulty (time estimate) as a unique 'setting' when creating a coin?

Disclaimer: features can be anything outside of the scope of this question. I understand that differing block timings and mining rewards don't count as 'features'!


To target a block time of a day, difficulty would be adjusted to make the likelihood of finding a block require a days worth of hashing (work). The big drawback to such a large block time would be slow confirmation of transactions.

  • Thanks, would longer block times require more electricity? – Ben Muircroft Aug 25 '18 at 21:24
  • 1
    Block time doesn't dictate energy usage. The amount of miners mining does. – jtgrassie Aug 26 '18 at 10:49

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