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Top new questions this week:

How can I add Monero to wallets such as Atomic/Exodus/Coinomi using the ERC-20 Eth contract address?

How can one add a cryptocurrency or token to a non-custodial wallet such as Atomic, Coinomi or Exodus using the ERC-20 contract address instead of storing them online to avoid loss due to hacking or ...

cold-storage wallet  
asked by find_X 2 votes

What's Wownero's mining emission curve?

I tried searching for Wownero's emission schedule, but only found mining profit calculators and this question here, but it doesn't have any hard numbers. Is there an equation or equivalent to this ...

monero-forks emission-curve tail-emission wownero  
asked by Dr-Bracket 1 vote
answered by jwinterm 1 vote

How to automatically start XMRig on Ubuntu 18.04?

I am running xmrig-5.8.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 by executing this cmd ./xmrig --donate-level 1 -o -u MY-XMR-ADDRES -p Rig1 -k --tls. Now I want it to start automatically in ...

ubuntu xmrig  
asked by vardhan negi 1 vote
answered by jtgrassie 2 votes

How can i get current fee from monero-wallet-rpc

I wanna make transactions during monero-wallet-rpc. When I wanna send some amount I wanna know the fee's before Im transfering the funds to other wallet. How can i get the fee's regarding a ...

monero-wallet-rpc transaction-fees  
asked by MoneroShopper 1 vote
answered by knaccc 1 vote

Multisig requires new wallet or new address?

I'm following the information here but hoping to save some troubleshooting time. It says "First, the wallet to be converted to multisig must be empty. It is best to use a brand-new walllet for the ...

monero-wallet-rpc multisig  
asked by Paragon512 1 vote
answered by knaccc 2 votes

Deposit before multisig setup is complete?

Is there any point during the creation of a multisig wallet that funds can be deposited into the wallet or is it only safe to make deposits after the final step (The exchange)?

asked by Paragon512 1 vote
answered by knaccc 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the risks/benefits of mining on a pool using SSL/TLS encryption vs mining on pools with non-encrypted connections?

Claymore released the newest version of his miner for XMR, version 9.7, and among one of the features introduced is "- added SSL/TLS encryption support for better security..." I see one incentive to ...

protocol encryption mining  
asked by xMrace 9 votes
answered by Michael Pelletier 2 votes

Bytecoin wallet stuck on sync

I've been using the Bytecoin wallet and after a complete sync, every time I launch the wallet, it is just stuck on syncing. Using the OSX version, and I have rolled back to previous versions ...

synchronization bytecoin  
asked by Bytecoin_temp 2 votes
answered by Bytecoin_temp 2 votes

I forgot to upgrade (from CLI or GUI v0.13 to CLI or GUI v0.14) and, as a result, accidentally synced to the wrong (alternative) chain

I forgot to upgrade (from CLI or GUI v0.13 to CLI or GUI v0.14) and, as a result, accidentally synced to the wrong (alternative) chain. How do I resolve this issue?

monero-wallet-cli monero-wallet-gui monerod synchronization blockchain-import  
asked by dEBRUYNE 17 votes
answered by dEBRUYNE 17 votes

How does Monero privacy and security compare to Zcash?

How does Monero privacy compare to Zcash? What are the key security risks associated with each design? Since important Monero improvements are in active development and Zcash has yet to launch, ...

security ringct privacy cryptocurrency-comparison zcash  
asked by studycrypto 59 votes
answered by opensourceprivacy 57 votes

What is a mixin, and how does it work?

What actually is a mixin, and how does it work? Is it similar to mixing services that Bitcoin and DASH provide?

asked by sgp 12 votes
answered by sgp 6 votes

How do I, as a recipient, verify that my transaction actually arrived?

I received some XMR from a service / exchange / friend. How do I verify that my transaction actually arrived?

monero-wallet-cli monero-wallet-gui mymonero auditing user-guide  
asked by dEBRUYNE 18 votes
answered by dEBRUYNE 14 votes

What's the difference between "balance" and "unlocked balance"?

What's the difference between "balance" and "unlocked balance"? When is it different? Why is that, and for how long?

monero-wallet-gui balance  
asked by dpzz 13 votes
answered by JollyMort 15 votes
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