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Top new questions this week:

How To: Atomic Swaps

How do you trustlessly exchange BTC for XMR?

exchange p2p-exchange  
asked by Difficult-Outside350 2 votes
answered by Difficult-Outside350 1 vote

Monero address prefix creation algorithm

As I read in the monerobook: uint64_t const CRYPTONOTE_PUBLIC_ADDRESS_BASE58_PREFIX = 18; Monero's main network uses '18' to indicate a primary address (this is why Monero primary addresses begin ...

address sub-address algorithm address-verification  
asked by Ivan Ivanov 1 vote
answered by baro77 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Sent to wallet address before synchronization?

I sent some XMR soon after downloading the gui client (unknowingly) before completion of the daemon synchronization... Will my XMR appear eventually or are they lost?

monero-wallet-gui synchronization  
asked by Concerned 3 votes
answered by scoobybejesus 7 votes

How is Monero compared to Dash?

There are 2 main privacy-centric Bitcoin-like payment blockchain and cryptocurrencies – Dash and Monero and are always being compared to one another. What are their similarities and differences?

cryptocurrency-comparison dashpay  
asked by uzyn 49 votes
answered by Jane Miner 19 votes

How much CPU power to mine 1 coin a day?

I have been trying to calculate hashrates but it is a little confusing. I just want to get a general idea. What CPU / GPU would be required to solo mine 1 coin a day?

hashrate cpu-mining gpu-mining hashrate-comparison  
asked by Lumo5 32 votes
answered by bigreddmachine 56 votes

How to use the view key to see amount sent to cold storage?

I know that you can't view both incoming and outgoing transactions of a cold wallet, but I'm still confused as to how I can see if my previous transactions I made have actually reached my cold storage ...

viewkey cold-storage  
asked by floam412 13 votes
answered by dEBRUYNE 10 votes

How do I move the Monero blockchain files safely?

I am using the latest version of the monero GUI on Windows. The problem is that I do not have enough space on my main drive to download the full blockchain for synchronisation of my wallet. I want to ...

monero-wallet-gui blockchain  
asked by Fred 9 votes
answered by mvladk 7 votes

Could I use a Raspberry Pi to mine Monero?

I have a Pi sitting around on my desk that I have never used. Could I use this to mine some Monero? I don’t pay for my electricity, so there is no cost for me.

mining raspberry-pi  
asked by delayel06 9 votes
answered by Zigglzworth 6 votes

How can I use Monero without syncing the blockchain?

Suppose I have a computer that doesn't have a lot of storage space, or suppose I don't want to wait a while for the blockchain to be synced with my computer. What can I do to use Monero faster without ...

monero-wallet-cli monero-wallet-gui full-node remote-access user-guide  
asked by sgp 26 votes
answered by sgp 27 votes
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