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Top new questions this week:

What is the relationship between view key and random r value for pedersen commitment?

Suppose I make a transaction from User1 to User2 with TX amount 2.5 XMR using RingCT. The transaction amount is encrypted using Pedersen commitment with a random value r. I have a public view key of ...

asked by Cisco Mmu 1 vote
answered by jtgrassie 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to send XMR from Minergate to Poloniex?

sorry total newb here. I've been mining Monero after seeing the talk at Coinbase. Really like what you guys are doing. Now I'm trying to send my XMR from Minergate to Poloniex. My Deposit address ...

payment-id address  
asked by Techman34 2 votes
answered by Tomi Toivio 2 votes

How do I use my MyMonero wallet via the Monero Core GUI?

I have been using a MyMonero wallet for quite a while. Can I start using that wallet from within the Monero Core GUI? How do I do that?

mnemonic-seed wallet-recovery mymonero monero-wallet-gui  
asked by dpzz 17 votes
answered by dpzz 21 votes

I am using the GUI and my daemon doesn't start anymore

I've been using the GUI for some time and suddenly the daemon doesn't start anymore. How do I resolve this issue?

asked by dEBRUYNE 10 votes
answered by dEBRUYNE 10 votes

What is the best hardware wallet for Monero?

It appears there is some work being done to support Monero on Trezor 2.0: and

trezor development-roadmap hardware-wallet ledger  
asked by erik 14 votes
answered by bigreddmachine 9 votes

What is a payment ID, and why is it used?

Several exchanges require a payment ID for deposits and withdraws. What is a payment ID in Monero, and why is it used?

payment-id exchange  
asked by sgp 16 votes
answered by sgp 17 votes

My blockchain is stuck, how do I "unstuck" it?

During the last few weeks a common, reoccurring, question seems to be how to get one's blockchain "unstuck". This guide will, hopefully, provide some assistance in doing so.

monerod blockchain synchronization daemon  
asked by dEBRUYNE 16 votes
answered by dEBRUYNE 19 votes

What advantages does Monero offer that are not provided by other cryptocurrencies?

What are the advantages provided by using Monero compared with other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin? Specifically, what unique features does Monero have relating to privacy, PoW security ...

security privacy cryptocurrency-comparison scalability bitcoin  
asked by stig 72 votes
answered by JollyMort 81 votes
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