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How long do I need to mine until I see some coins in my wallet?

I just started mining today and I set up my Address in the miner but I'm unsure if I did everything right and I'm mining "into" my wallet. Mining with Claymore on I4700MQ with 6MB Cache on -t3 ...

asked by Django 10 votes
answered by expez 12 votes

What is fungibility and why does it matter?

Fungibility seems to be extremely important in the Monero world. Why does it matters for Monero and for the future of cryptocurrencies? Does any other cryptocurrency have that property? Does ...

asked by fanf42 24 votes
answered by tibo 26 votes

What is a mixin, and how does it work?

What actually is a mixin, and how does it work? Is it similar to mixing services that Bitcoin and DASH provide?

asked by sgp 13 votes
answered by sgp 7 votes

How do I, as a recipient, verify that my transaction actually arrived?

I received some XMR from a service / exchange / friend. How do I verify that my transaction actually arrived?

monero-wallet-cli monero-wallet-gui mymonero auditing user-guide  
asked by dEBRUYNE 18 votes
answered by dEBRUYNE 14 votes

How to Use Monero Multisignature Wallets (2/2 & 2/3)

Disclaimer: this is written for the pre-release version and for testing purposes only (at the present moment). Use at your own responsibility and don't play with big amounts. To test yourself, you ...

monero-wallet-cli multisig  
asked by JollyMort 28 votes
answered by JollyMort 11 votes

What is the difference between CryptoNote and CryptoNight?

I saw some mining software labelled as CryptoNight miners and they have XMR (Monero) in their list. Many other CryptoNote mining software also has XMR in their list. What is the case? And while adding ...

cryptonote aeon cryptonight cryptonight-lite  
asked by GypsyCosmonaut 15 votes
answered by hyc 25 votes

XMR cpu mining importance of number of threads?

I am using xmrig as my miner. You can see the details in this link. I am mining XMR with my cpu with more than one computer. And I've decided to check the results of my two different pcs' ...

mining-pools cpu-mining mining  
asked by turmuka 5 votes
answered by JollyMort 5 votes
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