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Top new questions this week:

How many blocks must miners wait before spending the block subsidy?

After a block is mined, how long is the block subsidy locked from being spent?

block-reward transaction-unlock-time coinbase-transaction  
asked by Jonathan Cross 1 vote
answered by Jonathan Cross 1 vote

What is the maximum number of incoming connections by default? 0 or unlimited?

Based on this question in 2016, there is no limit on the number of incoming connections. However, based on this commit in 2018, users can set a limit for this number. By default, when I don't set ...

network p2p peer-discovery peer  
asked by Muoi Tran 1 vote
answered by jtgrassie 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I am using the GUI and my daemon doesn't start anymore

I've been using the GUI for some time and suddenly the daemon doesn't start anymore. How do I resolve this issue?

asked by dEBRUYNE 10 votes
answered by dEBRUYNE 10 votes

How can I set a payment ID of 64 characters hex on wallet cli?

I´ve been asked to send a 64 digit payment ID. I used the command: integrated_address but it shows only the 16 digit payment ID. Thanks! :)

payment-id integrated-address  
asked by Luis Herrera 3 votes
answered by JollyMort 5 votes

How do I generate a Ledger Monero wallet with the CLI (monero-wallet-cli)?

According to the release notes v0.12.2.0 includes Ledger support. How do I generate a Ledger Monero wallet with the CLI (monero-wallet-cli)?

monero-wallet-cli hardware-wallet ledger  
asked by dEBRUYNE 14 votes
answered by dEBRUYNE 14 votes

How do I connect monero-wallet-cli to a remote node?

In the post What privacy or security trade offs are associated with not running your own full node? the privacy ramifications of connecting monero-wallet-cli to a remote node are discussed. However, I ...

monero-wallet-cli remote-access light-wallet  
asked by bigreddmachine 8 votes

What is a "Low Difficulty Share" error?

I am trying to mine on an old AMD Radeon HD 57xx GPU with Catalyst version 15.7.1 on a Windows10 x64 machine. Claymore's CryptoNote GPU Miner v9.4 receives the following error from the pool ...

gpu-mining mining-pools difficulty-share  
asked by Alessandro Da Rugna 10 votes
answered by hyc 12 votes

What is the difference between Monero (XMR) and Beam (BEAM)?

I would like to have a comparison between the privacy and scalability features of Monero vs Beam. I have heard some people say that these are privacy-oriented coins, and I would like to learn more.

privacy cryptocurrency-comparison scalability  
asked by sgp 2 votes
answered by sgp 4 votes

How to convert curl to http url

How do i convert this curl command: curl -X POST -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"0","method":"getbalance"}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' Into a normal http ...

asked by HashTables 5 votes
answered by onefox 4 votes
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