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How do I move the Monero blockchain files safely?

I am using the latest version of the monero GUI on Windows. The problem is that I do not have enough space on my main drive to download the full blockchain for synchronisation of my wallet. I want to ...

monero-wallet-gui blockchain  
user avatar asked by Fred Score of 10
user avatar answered by mvladk Score of 7

How to change location of the Blockchain with monero GUI?

How can I set the daemon included with the GUI to sync the blockchain from a directory on a flash drive, rather than the default directory ?

user avatar asked by medusa Score of 19
user avatar answered by medusa Score of 23

How do I start using Monero with the command line tools?

If you need to use the Monero command line tools, how do I get started with Monero?

monero-wallet-cli monerod-commands  
user avatar asked by Ginger Ale Score of 9
user avatar answered by dpzz Score of 8

I am using the GUI and my daemon doesn't start anymore

I've been using the GUI for some time and suddenly the daemon doesn't start anymore. How do I resolve this issue?

user avatar asked by dEBRUYNE Score of 12
user avatar answered by dEBRUYNE Score of 13

What is a mixin, and how does it work?

What actually is a mixin, and how does it work? Is it similar to mixing services that Bitcoin and DASH provide?

user avatar asked by sgp Score of 12

Is it better to mine with a CPU or GPU

"The proof-of-work algorithm, CryptoNight, is AES-intensive and "memory heavy", which significantly reduces the advantage of GPU over CPU." ...

cryptonight cpu-mining gpu-mining  
user avatar asked by Lumo5 Score of 15
user avatar answered by bigreddmachine Score of 12

Where is the Monero blockchain stored on Linux build?

I'm a Linux newbie and I don't know where monerod is storing the blockchain.

monerod blockchain linux  
user avatar asked by Matthew Bowler Score of 7
user avatar answered by user36303 Score of 11
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